André Panisson

Principal Researcher

Artificial Intelligence · Graph Machine Learning · Responsible AI
Complex Networks · Social Media




Corso Inghilterra, 3
10138 Torino (TO) - Italy



panisson [at] gmail [dot] com



+39 011 19381717


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PhD thesis at University of Turin
Selective Information Disseminationfor Mobile Computing

Master thesis at UFRGS (portuguese)
Load Distribution in a P2P-Based Network Management System

Graduation work at UFRGS (portuguese)
Implementação de um Algoritmo de Busca com Controle de Tráfego Distribuído e Adaptação de Topologia para Redes Peer-to-Peer Baseadas na Plataforma JXTA


Current Teaching Activities

I currently have a position as Professore a Contratto (Adjunct Professor) at the Physics Department, University of Turin. With Dr. Ciro Cattuto and Dr. Laetita Gauvin, we teach the course Data Mining, Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning for the Master in Physics of Complex Systems.

In this course, the students learn the base competences for training and testing standard machine learning algorithms. The course is highly interdisciplinary, covering topics traditionally taught in computer science or statistics courses. An important goal of the course is to achieve the capability of using the studied algorithms in practical settings. The course therefore alternate theory lessons and exercise sessions.

If you are interested in doing your thesis at ISI Foundation and being supervised by me or by one of my colleagues, please fill this form.


Current and past projects

SocioPatterns– Interdisciplinary research project that adopts a data-driven methodology with the aim of uncovering fundamental patterns in social dynamics and coordinated human activity. It do so by developing and deploying an experimental social interaction sensing platform. This platform consists of portable sensing device and software tools for aggregating, analyzing and visualizing the resulting data.

Datainterfaces Datainterfaces is a collaborative laboratory that aims to experiment with the development of interfaces and formats for the communication of data-rich scenarios. The laboratory stems from the collaboration between the Data Science Laboratory at ISI Foundation, the Communication Design Research Unit at the INDACO/Design Dept. of the Politecnico di Milano and the ARCS Group at the University of Torino.

IS4.MOBI – Interactive Services for Mobiles (2010-12): A Finpiemonte-funded project for the implementation of a demonstrative platform that can enable the rapid development of accessible and multi-platform services for different mobile devices. UniTo is part of a consortium that includes also three industrial partners (Ooros, ATON, Telecom Italia), and one research center (ISMB – Istituto Superiore Mario Boella). The part of the project under the responsibility of ARCS addresses epidemic diffusion of information on mobile devices.

SALC – Services à la Carte (2010-11): A Finpiemonte-funded project, under “Polo ICT” framework, focused on configuring and managing user-driven media services. UniTo is part of a consortium that includes also two industrial partners (commITworld s.r.l., Cedeo sas). The part of the project under the responsibility of ARCS group addresses recommendation issues as well as a methodology for the analysis of user’s tagging activities.

Truthy (Collaborator)– Truthy is a system to analyze and visualize the diffusion of information on Twitter. The Truthy system evaluates thousands of tweets an hour to identify new and emerging bursts of activity around memes of various flavors. The data and statistics provided by Truthy are designed to aid in the study of social epidemics.

Great Minds (Think Alike) (Collaborator)– a word association game for iPhone©, iPad© and iPod Touch© that lets users build semantic concept networks and explore relations between people, tags, places, and media content.

Google Summer of Code 2010 In April 2010, a project proposal with the Gephi development team has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code program. The program is the best way for students around the world to start contributing to an open-source project. Gephi's project aims to bring the perfect tool for visualizing and manipulating networks, focusing on usability, performance and modularity. The project timeline started at May 24 2010 and ended at August 16 2010.

RD-PVR: Recommendation & Discovery for Personal Video Recording The goal of this project is to use events discretization combined with a collaborative filtering approach to make good predictions of user's registrations, in the Personal Video Recording services domain. The approach is based on the analysis of real data generated by the Faucet PVR system, integrated in a web-based podcasting.

DeHinter DeHinter is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) recommender system that exploits social filtering techniques in order to implement a fully decentralized resource sharing platform. The system provides to users a way to share, search and retrieve contents in a scalable, flexible and efficient way. The spontaneous relationships between users that show similar interests shape highly connected thematic clusters that can be exploited to provide personalized advices. DeHinter's goal is to reduce the impact of the information overload provinding a decentralized, autonomous and efficient way to filter contents exploiting social-oriented phenomena.

GigaManP2P The management of long distance backbones based on high speed optical networks requires new solutions for challenging tasks. For instance, operators and users located at different administrative domains must communicate with each other in order to configure and monitor agreed quality of service levels. This project proposes a novel peer-to-peer (P2P) management architecture for optical networks, focused initially on the new RNP Giga backbone. In the proposed architecture, peers provide, in a ubiquitous fashion, management information to modules that interface with both the optical infrastructure and network users.

Projects on

graph-streaming - Repository for the Gephi GraphStreaming plugin

pygephi_graphstreaming - Python scripts to be used with the Gephi Graph Streaming Plugin

pymobility - Python library library for simulation of mobility and contact models.

elephant-bird pull request - My small contributions to the Elephant Bird library. - Nonnegative Tensor Factorization, based on the Matlab source code available at Jingu Kim's home page.